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About Us

Personalized Approach

Here at we know that each and every project is different and unique. No two floorplans are the exactly the same when it comes to preference, texture, finish, and design. That is why our expert flooring installation team takes the time and gives the attention your project needs. Starting with a visit to your home to inspect the plans and give a free written estimate, we show you that handling your flooring project with is the best choice for great finish and a peace of mind. 

Customer Satisfaction  

The most important aspect of our business is the customer satisfaction rating, which is why we take every measure possible to assure your flooring project is finished in a timely matter with as little inconvenience or disruption as possible. All flooring installation projects make use dust and debris contamination traps to assure that the little mess we make while putting in place your custom floor doesn’t disrupt the other areas of your house. After all, no matter how quick our installation is we understand that your daily life doesn't stop. 


Quality Materials

We make sure to used the highest quality floor finish to allow the longest lasting shine to your newly added hardwood or refinish. However, unlike many competitors, we make sure to use a low odor finish to make sure that smell doesn’t linger or cause discomfort to you or your loved ones. The finish also applies quickly and is sure to dry-to-touch within the same day, thus ensuring you will be able to repopulate the room worked on with furniture and return to your daily life and enjoy your new flooring in no time.

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